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Preliminary Stage

Design Stage


Bidding Stage


Development Stage


Construction/Development Stage

This stage shall extend from the date of the start of construction to the date of the written approval by the Construction Manager of the final payments to the contractors by the Owner. During this period, the Construction Manager shall:

1. Have full direction of the project as agent of the Owner. Decisions and instructions given by the Construction Manager to the contractors shall be binding on the Owner as long as they are consistent with the Contract Documents. Any instructions which the Owner wishes to give to the contractors shall be transmitted through the Construction Manager.

2. Organize, plan, manage, direct, and coordinate all of the construction of the project.

3. Furnish the necessary field staff to direct, manage, coordinate, and inspect the work of the contractors with the view of securing completion and fulfillment of the contracts in accordance with plans, specifications, and established schedules.

4. Provide the services of the Construction Manager’s main office personnel, such as: expediter, estimator, purchasing agent, scheduler, accountant, shop drawing coordinator, stenographer, and other similar employees, as necessary, for the successful administration of the project.

5. Hold pre-construction conferences with contractors.

6. Arrange for all necessary permits from governing authorities, as required.

7. After consultation with the various contractors, revise and update schedules periodically, as required.

8. Assist Owner in arranging for all field and laboratory inspections and tests.

9. Assist the Owner in obtaining structural, mechanical, chemical and other laboratory tests, and shop and field inspections of structural steel and service equipment, as required by law or the Contract Documents.

10. Expedite, receive, and record all shop drawings, schedules, and samples; review for contract compliance; transmit to Owner and/or Designer for detailed technical checking; keep tickler file to assure prompt return; return to contractor; and send to other affected contractors.

11. Expedite delivery of pre-purchased equipment.

12. Obtain lists of motors from approved shop drawings and catalog cuts to coordinate power location and proper current characteristics with electrical design.

13. Supervise the contractors in preparing coordination drawings of the mechanical and electrical trades. Recommend to Owner and/or Designer revisions to resolve conflicts, and obtain Owner’s and/or Designer’s approval.

14. Maintain cost control and cost accounting records.

15. Maintain record of minutes of all meetings and telephone calls. Keep a detailed diary of job occurrences.

16. Issue revised documents to all affected contractors for submission of requests for extras or credits. Review pricing of changes for reasonableness, and prepare change orders for Owner’s signature.

17. Review contractors’ monthly invoices. If acceptable, issue certificates of payment to Owner.

18. Prepare Punch Lists, and arrange for completion and/or resolution of it.

19. Request inspections by Owner and/or Designer, and governing authorities.

20. Arrange for checkout, operating instructions, normal maintenance procedure and start-up with Owner’s designated personnel of all major building service equipment.

21. Determine dates of substantial and final completion.

22. Receive and transmit to Owner and/or Designer all guarantees, equipment operating manuals and similar documents called for in the contracts.

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