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Preliminary Stage

Design Stage


Bidding Stage


Development Stage


      Preliminary Stage            

The Construction Manager shall:

1. Assist the Owner in obtaining soils data and surveys, if required.

2. Investigate local construction labor and material situations which might affect design, and advise the Owner and/or Designer.

3. Work with Owner and/or Designer on development of sketch plans and outline specifications, and advise as to economy and ease of construction.

4. Prepare conceptual cost estimates.

5. Prepare preliminary schedule covering design procurement and construction.

6. Establish cost control procedures, and prepare Buying Control Schedule.

7. Conduct with the Owner a review, evaluation and determination of all insurance requirements to be included in contracts.

8. Prepare and review with Owner: Agreement, General Conditions, and Special Conditions for the Owner-Contractor contracts.

9. Prepare and review with Owner: Invitation to Bid, Instructions to Bidders, and Form of Proposal.

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